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Biography of The Secretary General

Curriculum Vitae
Secretary General of the CAA

Brigadier General, Staff Officer JOSÉ MARIO VEGA HERNÁNDEZ

Mexican ARMY
  • Officer Formation Course, Infantry Class of 1991 at the Heroico Colegio Militar (Military Academy).
  • Basic Military Airborne Course.
  • Instructor in Marksmanship Course.
  • Instructor in Combat Shooting Course.
  • Teaching Training Course.
  • Advanced Combat and Support Branches Application Course.
  • Advanced Infantry Course.
  • Command and General Staff Course and a Degree in Military Administration, 72nd Class, Superior School of War, México.
  • Chemical Precursors and Synthetic Drugs Course, General Attorney Office of the Republic.
  • The Commanding Peace Operations Course of the United Nations, imparted by the United Nationals Institute for Training and Research in Peace Maintenance Operations.
  • Joint Staff Course, Superior School of War, México.
  • Superior Military Studies Course and Master’s Degree in National Security and Defense, Superior War School of the Republic of Colombia.
  • Master’s Degree in National Security, Superior Naval Studies Center, Secretary of the Navy.
  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Universidad del Valle de México.
  • “Civil Affairs” and “Psychological Operations” International Mission and Integral Action School, National Army, Republic of Colombia.
  • “Advanced Management Program” (Senior Corporate Manager), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Republic of Colombia.
  • Course for Commanders about the Operational Rights and Decision Making in Military Operations, imparted by the International Red Cross Committee.
  • Platoon and Company Commander, Infantry Units.
  • Officer of the Cadet, and 2nd Company Commander. Heroico Colegio Militar.
  • Chief, Instruction, Information, and Operations Section in several Infantry Units.
  • Chief, Pedagogic Section, Military Sergeant School.
  • Deputy Chief of Staff, 30th Military Zone.
  • Chief of Support Group, and Chief of Analysis and Intelligence against Drug-Trafficking, Seventh Section (Operations Against Drug-Trafficking), National Defense General Staff.
  • Commander, 2nd Non-Organic Infantry Company
  • Commander, 56th and 72nd Infantry Battalions
  • Chief, Master’s Degree in Strategic Direction, War School.
  • Instructor, General Strategy and Joint Staff, War School.
  • Military and Air Attaché, Mexican Embassy to the Republic of Colombia.
  • Chief, Mexican Army Repair Shops.
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Doctrine, Mexican Army General Staff.
  • Secretary General of the PESCAA, XXXVI Cycle.
  • 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Classes, and Special
  • “Teaching Merit” Decoration. Perseverance Decoration
  • 2nd Class Campaign against Drug-Trafficking Merit Decoration
  • “Mexican Legion of Honor” Decorations
  • “Military Merit” Decoration.
  •  “Escuela Superior de Guerra” Military Medal granted by the General Commanding Office of the Military Forces of the Republic of Colombia.
  •  “Distinguished Services” Decoration granted by the Military Forces of the Republic of Colombia.
  • “Fe en la causa” Military Decoration granted by the General Commanding Office of the Military Forces of the Republic of Colombia.
  • “Comendador” Grade, “Orden du Merito Militar” Decoration granted by the Brazilian Army.
  • “Irmandade dos Exercitos Americanos” Military Medal, granted by the Chairman of the XXXV Cycle – Brazil.