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Executive Secretary’s Biography

Curriculum Vitae

Military Police Colonel, Staff Officer Fernando Antonio Soto Cortés

Permanent Executive Secretary of conference of american armies
Mexican Army
  • Officer Formation Course, Heroico Colegio Militar (Military Academy).
  • Infantry, Artillery, Saper, and Support Branches Application Course (Puebla, state of Puebla).
  • Command and General Staff, 69th Class, War School.
  • National Security Notions Course, National Defense College.
  • National Guard Initial Formation Course.
  • Strategy and Defense Policy Course.
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation.
  • Campaigning Excellence, UK Government.
  • Help Build Positive Civil-Military Relations, and How to Improve the Defense Decision-Making Process in Democratic Societies.
  • Assertive Political Communication.
  • Gender, Masculinities and Inclusive and Non-sexist Language.
  • International Counter-Drug Congress.
  • Diploma Course in Public Management with Gender Focus, Latin American University of Social Sciences (Santiago de Chile, Chile).
  • Diploma Courses in Police Management, Lucía Botín University, Mexico.
  • Diploma Course in Public Security and Crime Prevention, Escuela Libre de Ciencias Políticas y Administración Pública de Oriente.
  • Master’s Degree in Gender, Law, and Criminal Process, Postgraduate Studies Center.
  • Commander, Platoon and Artillery Battery, 5th Artillery Regiment.
  • Platoon Commander and Instructor of Artillery subjects, 1st Artillery Regiment and Military Artillery School.
  • Battery Commander, and Information and Operations Officer, 8th Artillery Regiment.
  • Assistant Chief, Fourth Section (Logistics) in 2001; Chief, Second Section (Intelligence) in 2005; and Chief of Third Section (Operations) in 2016, Planning Committee for September 16 Parade, COMPLAN.
  • Chief, Second Section (Intelligence), 20 November Parade Planning Committee in 2005, COMPLAN.
  • Chief, Third Section (Operations), General Staff, 2nd Independent Infantry Brigade.
  • Chief, Desk of External Defense Plans and Internal Security, Fifth Section (Strategic Plans), National Defense General Staff.
  • Chief, Instruction, Information, and Operations Section; and Academic Coordinator, 1st Artillery Regiment and Military Artillery School (Irapuato, state of Guanajuato).
  • Instructor and Chief of Psychopedagogical Subsection, War School.
  • Deputy Chief of Staff, 38th Military Zone (Tenosique, state of Tabasco).
  • Deputy Chief of Staff, 29th Military Zone (Minatitlán, state of Veracruz).
  • Regional Chief of Transportation Branch, I Military Region.
  • Commander, 2nd 106 mm Recoilless Cannon Group (Querétaro, state of Queretaro).
  • Spokesperson, Military Police Corps.
  • Director General of Public Affairs, and Spokesperson of the National Guard.
  • Executive Secretary of the PESCA, Cycle XXXVI.
Military Decorations.
  • 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Classes Perseverance Decoration
  • “Legion of Honor” Decorations.
  • “Irmandade dos Exercitos Americanos” Military Medal, granted by the Chairman of the XXXV Cycle – Brazil.
National Guard Decorations.
  • Exemplary Merit Decoration awarded by the National Guard.
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