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XXXVI Cycle of the Conference of American Armies

Permanent Executive Secretariat of the CAA (PESCAA):  Mexico 2024-2025

The Army Member which establishes the CEA is called Army Headquarters, the length is 2 (two) years, which is seen as a Cycle of the Organization.

The mission of the Permanent Executive Secretariat (PESCAA) – is to serve as the executive, coordinating and administrative body of the CAA, assisting the host country and the member armies in the planning and execution of conferences and implementing the actions for which it is responsible set forth in accords, regulations and other legal instruments; with the purpose of giving continuity to the Conference of American Armies as an institution.

Permanent Executive Secretariat Responsibilities:

  • Establish within its organization the PESCAA’s structure in accordance with the Army’s organizational rules and bearing in mind the recommendations established in these regulations
  • Conduct the planning, managing, executing, controlling and evaluating the process that unfolds during the organization’s cycle, guided by its aim and whatever accords are adopted by the Commanders for the corresponding cycle
  • Organize the Commanders’ Conference and its corresponding Preparatory Meeting;
  • Organize any Specialized Conference that it volunteers to undertake in accordance with the accords signed for the respective CAA cycle; and
  • Organize and run the Chairmanship, General Secretariat and the PESCAA.