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IADB accompanies the progress of Operation Paraná III


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From August 12 to 18, the Inter-American Defense Board will follow up on Operation Paraná III. Planned by the Conference of American Armies (CEA), the operation consists of a humanitarian aid exercise, carried out under the coordination of the Brazilian Army in the southern region of the country, which brings together troops from Brazil and 13 other countries of the continent, in a simulated context of natural disasters.

During the operation, hypothetical cases involving the need to implement an international humanitarian support effort are explored, with the activation of structures used in activities such as medical care in field hospitals, air mobile rescues and river rescue and disaster zone refueling, among others.

According to Infantry Colonel Fábio Rodrigo de Assis, Advisor to the Disaster Cooperation Division of the Inter-American Defense Board and representative of the organization at the event, one of the highlights of the exercise is the “integration among the participating countries, mainly in the composition of the Joint Task Force General Staff and in the integrated planning of humanitarian aid actions, in addition to the field use of specialized platoons from countries such as Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and Ecuador”.
Military from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay participate in Operation Paraná III.

Source: https://www.jid.org/la-jid-monitorea-el-desarrollo-de-la-operacion-parana-iii

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