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Brasília (DF) – On August 24, the Executive Secretary of the Conference of American Armies (CAA), Cycle XXXV, Colonel Eduardo d’Avila, received a visit from the Commander of the Paraguay Army, General César Augusto Moreno Landaira.

During the meeting, the Executive Secretary of the CAA made a presentation on the activities carried out in the current cycle. General Moreno, then, visited the facilities of the Permanent Executive Secretariat of the Conference of American Armies (PESCAA), where each Section Chief had the opportunity to present the responsibilities and missions performed by the respective section.

The Paraguay Army is one of the four candidate members to host Cycle XXXVII of the CAA, 2026-2027, and the definition of the host will be carried out during the Commanders of American Armies Conference, that will take place between November 6th and 10th, 2023, in Rio de Janeiro.